August 18, 2016

How To Automatically Get Subtitles For Movies On Android

How To Automatically Get Subtitles For Movies On Android
How To Automatically Get Subtitles For Movies On Android

Are you a movie lover? Do you always search for subtitle file? If you're looking for the easiest method to get the subtitle file, read our tutorials. We will give you a detailed explanation on how to do it.
Here is a simple tutorial that will teach you an easier method to get subtitle to your downloaded movies without any stress. In this tutorial we will be making use of an android app called Get Subtitles.

Get Subtitles Automatically scan your phone for videos, movies, sitcoms and shows, and then checks OpenSubtitles for matching subtitles and then download them it also manually navigate the folders on your phone or tablet.

Features Of Get Subtitles

-Completely FREE.
-Automatic detection of video and movie files
-Automatically checks movie to find matching subs
-Fast and accurate subtitle downloader engine (OpenSubtitles)
-Manual searching of files also
-Search for movies using just the name. No need to have the file on your phone.
-Supports over 170 languages including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and many more.
-Includes subtitles for major yify titles.
-Launch video player from within app, saves having to find the video or movie on your device
-Uses OpenSubtitles comprehensive catalogue of subtitles
-Easy to use
-Attractive and simple interface
-Supports Chromebooks
You will also need a subtitle capable video player to play the subtitles once you download them, we recommend VLC player.

How To Automatically Get Subtitles For Movies On Android

  1. First of all, download the Get Subtitles app and launch it. You will see the Available videos showing under the “Auto search”. If your desired video is not listed under “Auto search” results you can select it by manually searching it.

    Using Get Subtitles
  2. Now select the video whose subtitles you want to be downloaded and Click on “Subtitles download” which is located behind “Manual Search” Now you will see the list of .srt files that are available

    using get subtitles 2
  3. Now you will be given the option to choose a language to select your preferred language to download it.

    using get subtitle 3
That’s all! your subtitle will be added to the desired video.

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August 17, 2016

How To Choose The Best Micro SD Card For Your Phone

All Micro SD cards are not same. Their performances is quite different. The differences between various types of Micro SD is based on class, speed, as well as capabilities of the phone.
How do I select the best for my phone? Here are few tips that will enlighten you with the basic understanding of classes and types of Micro SD cards available in the market, and eventually help you to select the best one for your device.

How To Choose The Best Micro SD Card For Your Phone

Different Type Of Micro SD Card and Capacity

  1. SD (Secure Digital) cards are meant for storage up to 2GB, use FAT 12 and 16, and are older version.
  2. SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) are meant for storage from 2GB to 32GB, use FAT32, and are newer version.
  3. SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) are meant for storage from 32GB till 2TB, use exFAT, and are latest version.

SD Card
Micro SDHC

What Are The Type Of 'Data Writing Speed'?

Data writing speed simply refer to the rates at which SD Cards sustain data transfer.
The data writing speed is divided into two
  • The speed class
  • UHS(Ultra High Speed) speed class

What Does 'The Speed Class' Mean On Micro SD Cards

The speed class of the Micro SD indicates the data writing performance during continuous recording or streaming. The performance of the card will also depend on the device specification into which it is installed.
There are four Speed Classes – 2, 4, 6 and 10 designating 2, 4, 6 and 10 MB/s of minimum data transfer respectively.

What Are The Speed Rates Of UHS Speed Class?

There are only two UHS Speed Class – 1 and 3 indicating 10 and 30 MB/s of minimum data transfer.

Which Speed Class Should I Select For My Micro SD Card?

Since UHS speed class is not compatible with all phone, you should select from speed class 6 - 10 for better performance.

The speed class of a Micro SD card is printed on the card itself where a number is written inside a C for Speed Class and U for UHS Speed Class.

Speed class 6
UHS speed class 3

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August 16, 2016

5 Tips To Promote Your Blog On Facebook

5 Tips To Promote Your Blog On Facebook
5 tips to promote blog on facebook

Are you having hard time promoting your blog or services on your facebook account? Considering the time you spent on facebook you still find your blog not attaining that level you want then navigating through this tips is a great option for you.
As a blogger, you may be having the thought of quitting blogging owing to less traffic then you should better delete your blog from your platform because you never try hard. If trying hard is your goal then you are free to go with this smart, awesome and amazing tips I will be sharing with you.
Either blogging or service rendering, facebook is best option your might think of in term of promoting. Yeah! Chatting with your customers and members is a made-easy stuff. You can get them notified of your new blog post and relevant topics. Facebook has really help in term of promotion of blog posts and service. It can be helpful if you make the best out of it.

5 Tips To Promote Your Blog, Business And Services On Facebook

develop connection
The strategies you'll be learning here wouldn't cost you a dime. The method will also be useful to drive targeted traffic to your blog, business and services.
Without any further ado, the strategy would be useful in Blogging, International and Local Business, Fiverr, Affiliate Market, Forex Market, e.t.c.

Create Connections: Building A Linking Chain

Create Connections is an action words you must take note of in this group of tips I will be sharing with you.
The method of building a linking chain between blogger and members, seller and buyers means connecting with those set of people. Although do not know who and who doesn't want your service but you still have to create the connection.
In order to create that connection I have been defining, you have to add more friends that you could expect on facebook. "Add More Friends". Can you compare the connection a facebook user of 5000 Friends to that of 500 friends? No, absolutely No! It is incomparable. So the more you add, the more you extend your connections.

Proper Introduction: Develop The Connection

Most people miss it at this point of developing the connection they have created. Imagine someone adding you as friend then the next thing you see in your message is box for several days or months is "how are you?" or "hi". Nonsense! You should try to develop that connection. OK, let me give you a template
ME: "Hi, my name is Helyz Akande can I know yours"
CONTACT: "I'm Chris Harrison"
ME: "I'm a blogger at, can I know more about you professionally"
CONTACT: "I'm a teacher of Physics at Westland college"
ME: "I hope of long term friendship. You check also check my blog for updates"

With the template, you have initiated the connection you created earlier.

Get Them Involved

There are two process involved in this step: Collective Notification and Personal Notification.
The collective notification can be done through your Status box. Write a description of your blog post, business and new service you're rendering on fiverr and including the link url below the post.
The Personal notification can be done by contacting friends who would be interested in your service or blog post e.g
ME: "Hi Chris"
CONTACT: "Whatsup bro."
ME: "I just posted a physics tutorial on electricity. You can check it on"
CONTACT: "Thank's bro, I will do that ASAP"
ME: "you're welcome"

Here, you keep the interested contact notify of any relevant post and services.

Advance Your Connection With FB Pages And Groups

In order to promote your business and blog you must be ready to manage either a facebook page or a facebook group. I will advice you to create both fb page and group for your brands.
Add your facebook friends to your group and make them like your page.

Ask For Help

Although you are not so close but you should be ready to ask friends for helps. Asking for help doesn't mean begging them to click your link or to buy your product. You should be ready to convince them. To convince them you should: Be detailed, honest, factual, trustworthy and make sure to be the best.
If you share a captivating post with them, they will be eager to click that the the next time you do that or perhaps visit your blog on daily basics.


Facebook is the best social media to drive traffic to your blog and keep friends notify of your business. You can get the best out of facebook if you make good use of it. Keen to the strategies and see good result paving way for you.

I will be glad if you can share this to your friends.

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August 10, 2016

How To Convert WebPage To PDF on FireFox Android App

How To Convert WebPage To PDF on FireFox Android App
In this age we are, Electronic Books are widely used in all professions. It is an inevitable tools especially for the learned. Now you find lecturer coming to the classroom with his Tablet, Pastor preaching with his iPhone and students going to the library with their PC. All is initiated through the help of E-books.

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As we comprehend all this electronic books we may also want to create one. There are various ways of creating PDF file. Creating a PDF ebook is not so much easy and if you ever finds it difficult to create your own PDF file, this tutorial is for you. In one of my previous tutorial I posted How To Make Ebooks With Google Drive but today, I will be sharing the knowledge I have on how to convert any webpage to PDF E-Books on android firefox app.

How To Convert WebPage To PDF on FireFox Android App

With the steps below you will find an easier method to convert any webpage you know to pdf file
  • Open the Firefox App on your Android smartphone and navigate to the website you wish to convert to PDF file
  • Tap on the option key at the top-right part of your screen and select Pages.
  • You will see a sub-category option. Click on pdf and you will see a download notification
  • That's all, your PDF file should now be stored on your android device

August 5, 2016

How To Mod Apk Apps On Android Devices

How To Mod Apk Apps On Android Devices
Because its an open-source, Android makes it easy for you to make some modification on those apps you run. You can easily add, remove and edit some feature from any android smartphone.

Modding is just an act of making a modification of an application for the purpose of making a new models, adding and removing features. Basically, computers are used to mod android apps but today I will be showing you how to mod apk apps on android device. Although we will only be talking about the basics modding but it will still help in an advance modding.

In this tutorial about how to mod apk apps on android devices, I will be using modding of android apk icon as an example but you can ask questions about changing app background, sounds, game points e.t.c in the comment box which I'm ready to answer. Now let the show rocking.

How To Mod Apk Apps On Android Devices

How To Mod Apk Apps On Android Devices

Before we proceed, we should talk about requirement for a successful modding. You should install the following apps for this project
1. Es File Explorer
2. Rar Editor
3. Zip Signer
4. Axel Xml Editor

BackUp The App

  • Open the Es File Explorer and tap on the icon beside the home button at the top left hand side.
  • Click on Library and then Apps.
  • Hold the icon of the app you want to mod till it pop up some options below the screen.
  • Click on Backup to extract the raw apk file.
  • To view your backup File: Goto to E://Backups/Apps

Decompress The App

  • Create a new Folder inside your SD card with name like MODDING. To do this, Open your Es File Explorer and click on SD card image in the home screen. Then tap on your phone option button to toggle on the option value. Click new then tap on folder and rename it to MODDING.
  • Now move your backup app to MODDING folder. To do this, hold on the app icon untill you see option below your screen. Click on the small icon below at the right hand-side of the screen to load more options. Then at this new option you will find Move To option. Click on the Move To and choose MODDING as the path.
  • Now create a new folder inside the MODDING folder named MODS
  • Then Extract files in the backup apk file to MODS folder. To do this, hold on the icon of the App and follow same steps as if you want to move it but instead of tapping Move To option, click on Extract To option. Choose E://MODDING/MODS as the path and then extract
  • Now you have fully decompress the backup app

Modify The App

  • In the Es File Explorer, Goto MODDING/MODS/res.
  • Open the all folder with drawable as part of name e.g drawable, drawable-hdp1 e.t.c
  • look for the icon image, most apps use the name ic_launcher.png to save the icon. Take note of the name
  • Change the name of the image you want to use as icon to ic_laucher.png and replace the existing on with this your new icon mod
  • Now both the MODS folder (containing your modification) and the backup app (you want to mod) are in the same folder, MODDING
  • With your Es File Explorer, rename the backup apk file to rar format e.g HelyzAkande.apk to HelyzAkande.rar
  • Open the backup file with Rar Editor and tap through to the MODDING folder
  • Now replace all ic_launcher.png in HelyzAkande.rar with those from your MODS

Signing Your Apk File

  • After you have successful copy all moded files from E://MODDING/MODS to replace those in the backup file (HelyzAkande.rar), rename it back to apk format e.g HelyzAkande.rar to HelyzAkande.apk
  • Open the Zip Signer app you install earlier
  • Tap on in option and select the backup file (HelyzAkande.apk) and leave the out to automatic
  • Click on Sign and wait for few seconds to fully sign your apk file. It will be save in the same folder as name_signed.apk
That's all, install the app and you will see new modification of the android app.

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July 25, 2016

How To Generate US Citizen Profile

How To Generate US Citizen Profile
United States is the most trusted country in term of online business and other stuffs but we, Nigerians are tagged as scammers, fraudsters and cyber criminals. Although some of us are not engaged in such malicious activities but the facts still remain the same that we are not trusted. Owing to this, we find it difficult to move alongside with this fast-moving world but rather we sat at the bench-side of the radar glaring at the speed.

There had been numerous occassions where we required such accounts but we are restricted due the facts that we are Nigeria. I remembered when I wanted to create my first paypal account here in Nigeria, denial of priority was my reward for trying to create the account. There, I realized that getting a USA citizenship is the only solution. I have never been to US? I don't have any relative there? How the hell am I going to get there citizenship. Then, I went on research on how to generate US citizen profile here in Nigeria and I was very delighted that my research was a huge success. Today, I will be sharing with you a very few procedures I undertook on the course of how to generate US citizen profile.

How To Generate US Citizen Profile

  • First of all, go to FakeNameGenerator( a website that offers free US citizen profile with no users) with your browser
  • Sign in to FakeNameGenerator using your Google+ account. You can decide not to log in but it's the best because you will be able to save the details on your Google+ account.
  • Now click on the Gender and select your gender among the options (Male or Female), leave Name set to ‘American’.
  • Set the Country option to United States and tap on the ‘Generate’ button to generate a US citizen profile.
  • After the US citizen profile has been generated, click on ‘Save this name’ to save the profile with your Google account so you can provide same profile if ever the US account you will be creating in future requires. This option is only available if you Sign in.

This is the best solution I can give you for now on how to generate US citizen profile but I hope for better method. Nigerians, don't let us misuse this method. Let us proof them wrong, we are not scammers but intellects, developers and gurus.

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July 5, 2016

Activate Airtel Free Browsing On Netify VPN, Psiphon Prolite And Netloop VPN

In this article, I will be sharing hottest free browsing in Naija working since few days ago. I will be posting this in a short and easy term.

The Entertainment Store (, an platform from Airtel that allows users to Download music, videos and other entertainment related stuffs at cheaper price. As we all know that this platform can be accessed freely then as a Nigerian finding way to bypass the restriction on all other site, apps and browser is the best option. With the help of our Netify, Psiphon pro lite and Netloop, we could tweak and use it to access sites, apps and even download.

Activate Airtel Free Browsing On Netify VPN, Psiphon Prolite And Netloop VPN

How To Activate Airtel Free Browsing With Netify, Psiphon And Netloop

Use your default APN settings

How To Configure Netify VPN And Psiphon Prolite

1. Download Psiphon Prolite | Netify VPN
2. proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: default
Click save
If you are using Psiphon, Choose USA as location
Then go to more options and untick connect via http
Finally go back to the app menu and start the VPN. It should connect within 20 seconds.

How To Configure Netloop VPN For Airtel Free Browsing

1. First of all, Download Netloop VPN
2. Launch it and tap on connection settings
3. Click on injection host and under it, type
4. Choose host replacement
5. Then under proxy host, input this IP and under proxy port, input 3128.
6. Then save it.
7. Now, under connection mode, tick VPN.
8. Finally go back to app menu and connect.

That's it, you should be connected now.

June 28, 2016

How To Make E-Books With Google Drive

How To Make E-Books With Google Drive
In the process of making your document on Microsoft word or other writing software, you might think of turning it to an Electronic book(e-book). You can turn your document to PDF based on any reasons e.g for sales and compatibility. For any reasons, this might be important for many users to transform their document to PDF. To convert your creations to PDF you will have to go through some process.

How To Make E-Books With Google Drive

In this Article, we will be discussing about an easier method of convert documents to PDF that is using Google Drive to transform document to PDF. It will be the easiest method to do it only if you read carefully.

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How To Make E-Books With Google Drive

Making an E-Book from Google Doc is very simple, easy and straight forward that even a primary school child can do only if they read carefully. So this method is absolutely straight forward and with this tutorial you will find it easier to convert your document to E-Books.

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Procedures Make E-Books From Google Drive

  • First and foremost, create your documents on any document creator either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Then save the creations to your local Drive.
  • Then Open your Google Drive account i.e cloud storage account if you have one or create a new account if you have none.
  • After step 2, find the file for the documents that you had created and saved before, and then upload it to the Google Drive. This should be done correctly or your file would get corrupted and cannot be accessed later on.
  • Lastly, download the same file you uploaded on your Google Drive account but before downloading you will have to set the file format to ePub, eBook or PDF. You can do this easily from the options available on the Google Drive.
  • Now your document files would be downloaded as a PDF file, ePub file etc. You can access then as other common files with such formats.
    If you don’t want to go for this process then there are some applications for PC like Adobe Stanza and Calibre which you can use to convert your files to the different formats that include PDF, ePUB, ebooks etc.

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Now with this article, you can see how making E-Book is made easier with Google Drive. You can even access Google Drive on your smartphone with makes this method compatible with all devices.

What are you waiting for?

June 20, 2016

How To Use Flashlight As Notification On Your Smartphone

How To Use Flashlight As Notification On Your Smartphone
Want to activate new way of call notification for your smartphone. Yeah! You can use your Android and iPhone Camera LED Flashlight to notify incoming calls on your Android phone.

With Silent Mode, you can listen to incoming calls and messages tones. Silent mode makes you lose many important calls you wish to recieve. With this trick we will be discussing today, you can easily get notification LED light blinking in your phone regardless of silent mode.

In this post, we will be discussing a simple method on how to use flashlight as notification for incoming calls on both Android and iPhone .

How To Use Flashlight As Notification For Incoming Calls On Android

  • Download Flash Alert Android app from Google Playstore and Install it on your Android smartphone.
  • After you have successfully install the app, it will asks you to do the test. Just follow the instructions and do the test.
  • In the settings, Make sure Flash Alerts is on and the Incoming call option is on
    Flash Alert

Now wait for the incoming call in your android phone. When you receive any incoming call in your phone, your phone blinks an LED Flashlight.

How to Enable LED Flash Alert on iPhone

In iPhone you don’t need to download any app. You just need to enable Flash alerts in iPhone default settings.
  • On your iPhone home screen, tap on Settings > General.
  • Then Tap on Accessibility and Turn LED Flash for Alerts ON.
    Flash Alert For iPhone

That's all on how to use flashlight as notification for incoming calls on smartphone.

June 15, 2016

How To Get Free Email Hosting For Your Domain Name

Hosting an Email for your blog is a crucial aspect of blogging as it shows professionalism. Hosted Email makes a third party website think of your blog or website as a serious one. No wonder we all eager to get a hosted email for our blog.

Moreover, most of this hosted email are paid and if they perhaps give it freely, the data usage is so low. Some even makes it a free trial whereby you will pay exorbitant price later. Recently, I found an alternative website providing a free email hosting.

Zoho Mail is a free email hosting giving you email@yourdomain e.g They provide you a 5GB data storage which is good for personal blog. You can also increase the storage data by referring others giving your more points to increase your data storage.
Zoho mail is a very good and accessible email host.

How To Get Free Email Hosting

  • Go to Zoho Sign up page and enter your domain name for your email addresses.
  • Then, Click on Add Domain on the next page and fill up your name and email address e.g . You can also add 24 more email address on same domain.
  • After clicking Sign up you will see the congratulations message page it's a free plan with 5gb limit which is enough for personal blog
  • The next step is to verify that you're the owner of the domain you've just entered, it's a simple procedure just select your DNS hosting provider (domain provider) if it's not in the list just select other and zoho will guide you for verifying the ownership of your domain.
    There will be three choice (CNAME, TXT, HTML) select one of given method and verify the ownership of your domain.
  • Now write the name for your email and click "create account".
  • Now add more users and if you don't want to then you can skip the add users and create group option.
  • Now configure your email delivery by login to your domain registrar and add the two MX records.
  • That's all, you are now ready to receive email on your custom domain email for free and enjoy features like saving contacts, notes, bookmarks, tasks, calendars, span filter, draft, adding more users and many more.

Zoho mail is the best alternative for free email hosting. For mobile users you can download the Android app and IOS app to manage your email hosting.

Comment below if you it work for you.

June 14, 2016

How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot

How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot
Having a blog is a good thing and perhaps a great thing to lay hands on. Blog can be personal, group's or company's but the only similarity between them is that they are all blogs.

On my facebook account, friends and Pen-pals kept on inboxing me to post about how to set up a blog. I find this as an opportunity to pull more visionary Nigerians into blogging.

Blogging is not that difficult as you think. It requires little or no coding but primarily settings. Although, having knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS e.t.c will help and makes your design stand-out but the main reason for blogging is content. OK, lets stop there! Back to the main goal of this post. I will be showing you how to start a free blog on blogspot.

How To Start A Free Blog on Blogspot

Blogspot or Blogger is a free blogging platform featuring free host. Google, owner of blogger have made blogging an easier task unlike its conter-part. The cost of blogging on blogger is so much cheap that it can't be compare with other platform. To set up your own blog, follow the steps on How To Start A Free Blog on Blogspot.

Steps To Start A Free Blog on Blogspot

1. Sign in on Blogger or create a new account if you do not have one.
2. Click on "New Blog". This will lead you to a new page to enter your blog details.
3. Now you have to enter your blog title. In the new page, find a form space (first one) with the name "Title". Type your blog title there e.g Helyz Akande's Blog.
4. In the second box, enter your blog's address e.g helyzakande(
Then the robot will search if the address is available.
5. Now select a default template (it can be change later).
6. After you have successfully fill the form correctly, select "Create Blog".

How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot

7. Now your blog is published to the internet and can be accessed.
8. To write a new post, sign in to your blog. Click on your blog's name, this will get you into your blog's dashboard. Finally click on post.
9. Give your new post a good title and great content.
10. That's all.

That is it for today. On my next blogging Article, I will be giving your free blogger template which you can use for your blog.

If this article is helpful, comment below.

June 12, 2016

How To Earn More Than N5000 Airtime And Cash On MyLuckyZone App

In the course of my research today, I found an app similar to Sliide, Myads, Whatscall e.t.c. MyLuckyZone, a free airtime giving app just like Sliide but much better due to of its features. MyLuckyZone could be helpful if you accumulates large points. It is much easier to accumulates compare to Sliide, Myads, e.t.c.

MyLuckyZone app

MLZ(My Lucky Zone) app is easy to use and you can gain more points in just a minute, when you browse your favorite sites like Facebook, OLX, Konga, Dealdey, Jumia, MTNONLINE, ETISALAT e.t.c.

You can also gain more points by referring friends and families. If you refer 5 people and stay online, you will be eligible for 500 Glo or Etisalat card under the categories of Silver Sales.
(Note Silver sales has the lower target)
You can also use your points to bid for products like phones, TVs, Generator e.t.c

How Can I Earn Airtime And Cash On MyLuckyZone App?

  • Go to MyLuckyZone Site and register a free account
  • After signing up, just check your mail box for a verification link, and verify your account.
  • Download the MyLuckyZone app right here.
  • Now Login with the App and go to "My Profile". Fill all your profile details and remember to your your "mobile number"

    MyLuckyZone 1
  • To earn money or points, click on "Earn points". You will see a list of websites including Facebook, OLX, Konga, Dealdey, Jumia, MTNONLINE, ETISALAT e.t.c. start browsing any of them. To earn more, select sites with higher points and those that you can stay more online to accumulate more points
    MyLuckyZone 2
  • View your balance by clicking "Products".
  • After earning 1000points, click on the share button to share your Referral link with friends on social media e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Email e.t.c. to accumulate more points

Proof :
MyLuckyZone Proof

Note: The more you stay online on a website the more you earn points. You can also withdraw the points as cash.

What are you waiting for! Sign up with the link above and start earning points for your next payment.